Meet Inspiring Female Leaders

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At Dēclick, we believe in recognizing and honoring exceptional women who are breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations of female leaders. Meet Magali, Emilie, Mary, and Nadine – four inspiring women whom we had the honor to meet and engage with.

Magali Castillo is a seasoned marketing executive with a global perspective. Having lived and worked in 5 different countries, Magali has built her career from industries with the potential to grow and become more diverse and inclusive. Her superpower is creating exceptional brands with a strategic, consumer-focused approach at a global level.

Emilie Plouchart is a Communication Director in luxury hospitality, and her superpower is connecting luxurious brands to their audience, wherever they are. Emilie’s admirable career took her from Paris to California, making her an example of the power and potential of women in leadership positions.

Mary Vallarta is the Marketing Director for Tender Greens, a pioneering LA-based restaurant brand. Her passion for creating a better everyday life for families drives her to lead purpose-driven projects fearlessly. Mary’s superpower is empowering women, which is evident in her work and education in Women’s Studies.

Nadine Teboul is an entrepreneur, CEO, and founder with an incredible career. With a background in design and renewables, her latest project, The French Apartment, a French design gallery in LA, is the culmination of her deepest aspirations. Nadine’s superpower is connecting artists with art lovers in unexpected places, such as her apartment.

At Dēclick, we are committed to empowering women in all aspects of business and branding. We believe that by recognizing and supporting exceptional women, we can inspire future generations of female leaders. Let’s continue to celebrate and honor women who are making waves in their industries and inspiring us all.