User experience audit: A Case Study

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Small businesses often face challenges when it comes to providing a user-friendly website experience. Limited resources can make it difficult to invest in a robust website, resulting in a less-than-optimal browsing experience for visitors. That’s why we were thrilled to work with 28 Muses, a small business that designs and leads creative workshops to strengthen highly performing teams. As part of our new project “LOOK”, we offered them a free website user behavior audit, and we were delighted to bring our expertise to the table and support them in enhancing their website user experience.

At Declick Agency, we believe that segmentation is key when it comes to improving website user experience. Different users come to a website at different stages of the funnel, and understanding this is crucial for enhancing the user experience. That’s why we conducted an audit of 28 Muses’ website, examining user behavior and exploring pain points.

Our user behavior audit identified several strengths in the consideration stage of the funnel, where there is detailed information about the services. However, we found that the website needed improvement in the awareness and conversion stages. Unfamiliar users were overwhelmed when landing on the homepage, and there was no clear customer journey leading to the desired conversion. Navigation needed improvement to make it easier for users to find what they were looking for. The information structure on the homepage didn’t prioritize the most important content, and users could get lost in the amount of information, suggesting a need for simplification and streamlining. Users needed a simpler solution to select the right service, understand pricing, and take action, and the website lacked sufficient calls to action, creating a potential barrier to conversion.

Based on our findings, we provided actionable recommendations for improving the user experience. Our main advice for the action plan was to remember that users are scanners, not readers. To improve user behavior, we suggested providing content that is scannable, visually appealing, and easy to digest. We also recommended taking a step-by-step approach to enhancing the website’s user experience, starting with the most essential improvements and working towards creating an exceptional user experience.

In working with 28 Muses, we were able to see firsthand how enhancing website user experience can be a game-changer for small women-owned businesses. By understanding user behavior and pain points, and implementing actionable recommendations, businesses can provide a more seamless browsing experience for their customers, ultimately leading to increased conversion rates and success in their ventures. As a women-owned business ourselves, we’re proud to support fellow female entrepreneurs and help them succeed. We believe that by implementing our recommendations, 28 Muses will be able to provide a more seamless browsing experience for their customers, ultimately leading to increased conversion rates and success in their venture.